My Furry Fiesta Schedule

Hey all! I will be at Furry Fiesta starting this Friday. Sadly, I have to leave around 2 on Sunday, but I will be around for most of the con. Here are the panels I’m on:

7 pm, Friday: Saucy Scene Scripting. Talkin’ about adult material in stories. An always-popular panel.

3 pm, Saturday: Experience Points: Cast Development. How to write good characters.

9:30 pm, Saturday: Unsheathed Livestream! Since K.M. Hirosaki will be here this year, we’ll do our podcast. Bring your writing questions and settle in for a fun hour or so of our banter back and forth.

I may also poke my head into the Writers Meet and Greet at 3 pm Friday depending on what else is going on that day, and there are a couple other panels I’d like to attend–B-Hop is doing a Voice Acting panel at 10 am on Saturday, and as I’ve never been able to make it to one of his panels, I would like to hit that one.

When I’m not at a panel, you can find me in the dealer’s room standing between the FurPlanet and Blotch tables (hopefully), where I will be happy to talk to you, sign your books, or sell you a Fox Pride pin ($5 cash). And if I’m feeling particularly creative, I might also offer a $1 microfiction on a Post-It.

Looking forward to seeing all you guys there!

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