Writing On The Wall

I’m still arguing with Amazon and I will keep you guys posted on that. It seems that a likely outcome is that I will be able to re-upload Bridges with the explicit pics taken out. If they go that route, I’m also going to have to remove the explicit pics from Out of Position and Isolation Play…although at the moment they are still intact on Amazon.

I have gotten a notice from Smashwords that their TOS also do not permit illustrated nudity–at least they are definite and up front about it–so I am going to have to revise “Bridges” and upload it again. I’m going to replace the images with a notice explaining that the image was removed per the retailer’s TOS; we will see if they object to that notice. The purpose of this is twofold:

1. It lets people know that they are receiving a censored version of the book, and that it is not my fault. It also will direct them to contact the retailer, not me or Sofawolf.

2. It is an image, and that means that if you know how ePub files (or .mobi files) are constructed, you may be able to go to Blotch or Keovi’s galleries, download the actual pic, and easily substitute it into the e-book by replacing the image with another. Since Smashwords sells without DRM, you can do that without too much trouble (more easily on ePub than .mobi, I think, although it should be possible on both; I’ve only tinkered with .mobi when given a zip file from Amazon).

In OOP and IP, which I just uploaded to Smashwords before receiving this notice, I trimmed two of the explicit images to hopefully make them acceptable, and put the censorship notice in place of the third.

Anyway, sorry about all this. It is looking like it will be more and more difficult to sell some adult pictures with my books–at least in Kindle format. I will note that they are still native in Google, B&N, and iTunes, and that as far as I know, iTunes did a pretty close review of the books and as long as they’re labeled “Erotica,” allowed them to be published with the illos. At least, nobody else has contacted me…

Also, I haven’t yet re-uploaded “Bridges” to Smashwords, and it might take me a few more hours or a whole day. So for the moment you can still get it with all the images intact…

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3 Responses to Writing On The Wall

  1. JD Louis says:

    Hey Kyell, I hope this finds you well, take the pics out of Bridges! no way, love the pics, helps bring the story to life. ah what do they know. Great story by the way, loved it, and Waterways, and Volle, which by the way im writing, I know Volle was first, but which one is second and third, is Pendent of fortune second and then prisore’s release third? how are they in order ? dont want to get lost. Thanks for your time, and keep up with the great stories, cant get enough of you stories.

    • Administrator says:

      It’s Volle -> Prisoner’s Release -> Pendant. If you look me up on WikiFur, there’s a complete chronology of the Argaea stories there. :)

      • JD Louis says:

        Thanks Kyell, I am going to amazon to order it right now, in fact Im going to get both, that way when I finish with the second I can start on the third. Gonna be at the rocky mountain furcon in sept. hope to see you there. Have a great time in England! Thanks again for taking time to set me straight on the order of your books’ Great reading”. oh, do you plan on writing a sequel to Waterways ? Love that Samaki.