Green Fairy – Behind the Scenes 1

Because I feel like it, I’m going to do a series of posts talking about what led to the book Green Fairy and some of the lesser-known things that went into it. When I was leading up to the e-book release of Isolation Play, I did eleven, I think, or however many days it was before the book was released. Now I’m thinking it’ll be something between seven and ten, because Green Fairy is already out as an e-book, so it’ll just be whenever I run out of things to say.

First of all, the origin story, which I’ve told a lot. Green Fairy was born on the plane flight on the way home from FWA 2011, where I had just been invited to be a Guest of Honor at FWA 2012. The theme, I was told, was going to be the Moulin Rouge, and the other GOH was my friend Rukis, a talented artist. Rukis and I had been looking for a project to do together for a while, and as FWA doesn’t have a conbook in which I could write a story, I figured I would write something and we could publish it in a small format or something.

Initially we were thinking comic, but Rukis was already quite busy with her own comic at the time, and the workload of another one to come out around the same time (Red Lantern, it turned out, was released at FWA 2012 along with Green Fairy) would have been too much. So I started thinking of stories.

I wanted to combine the Moulin Rouge theme with FWA’s location in the south, and at the same time I had been sort of itching to write a cautionary tale for young gay guys with Internet boyfriends. I’m sure there are different ways you could go about that, but I’ve also been intrigued by the supernatural for a while (even though my stories are, save for the furry element, generally blindingly normal and unfantastic–even the Argaea books are more “historical fiction” than “fantasy”), and so I thought, what about a kid who dreams about being in the Moulin Rouge?

Actually, I’m not sure my first thoughts were even that coherent. I just thought, “parallel storylines going on in the Moulin Rouge and a mid-size Southern town” and started sketching out the outline. Clearly, if I were going to do a story in which a guy learned that you can’t always trust who people say they are (e.g. on the Internet), I would have to have something like that going on back in the Moulin Rouge story. And so I started writing about Sol, and Jean, and Niki.

(Next: Multiple narrators? WHY?)

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