Get Gold In Your Inbox!

Are you tired of missing those ephemeral tweets with critical information about when my books are coming out? Tired of having to go hunt down journal entries online when all you want to know is a title? Hate wondering if Kyell Gold is going to be at the convention you’re planning on next month?

Well, there’s an easy solution. I’m starting a mailing list that will deliver directly to your inbox, once a month, news about my books, appearances, what I’m working on, and so on. The mailings may also include snippets of works-in-progress that I won’t post elsewhere and letters from fans–oh, the possibilities! If there’s something SUPER-EXCITING that I can’t wait to tell you about, I might send out one additional e-mail in a month, but probably that won’t happen often, and anyway, that’s why I keep this blog.

So if you’d like a little informative mailing from me once a month, pack up your Google info in an old kit bag and head on over to to sign up. It’s free and I promise not to spam you. And the more people who sign up, the more my tail will wag.

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