More New Books in January

You guys might be aware that I have a little book coming out at FC, but once you’ve bought that, what else are you to do? Well, our friends over at FurPlanet have a couple lovely titles that I have high regard for, and you might want to check them out…

First off, of course, there is my ottery co-host‘s book “Summerhill,” which I promise you is unlike anything else you’ve ever read. You will fall in love with the title character and the imagination of the worlds he moves through.

Second, there is a guest Cupcake* coming out! Watts Martin, who goes by Chipotle on some places (like FA) has written a tense little novella called “Indigo Rain.” It’s a thriller with romantic and social commentary undertones (and overtones in parts) that will keep you glued to the page until you get to the end. Also, it is illustrated by the fabulous Sabretoothed Ermine, and you know that is worth a look. He has a sample up on FA that you can check out if you still aren’t sure.

*We do not have a submission policy for guest Cupcakes, btw, so please do not ask me, Rikoshi, or foozzzball about whether you can do one. We happened to come across this story and decided it would be a good addition to our line, so we approached Watts and asked if he would like it to be published under that label, and he agreed.

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