Belated RainFurrest Con Report part two

In which our fox saves a super-podcast and helps record it, attends a birthday dinner that starts shaky but ends well, explores Seattle’s shops and restaurants, and bids a fond farewell to con and city.

We got back just a little late for Fuzzwolf’s SuperCast, a podcast with representatives of six different podcasts: Knotcast (Fuzz), Unsheathed (me and K.M.), Unfurled (Roland), WhoFurs (Fuzz and Teal), Fuzzy Logic (Kyo), and Fur What Its Worth (Tugs), who mostly ran the equipment while the rest of us jabbered on.

Initially, we ran into a big problem: Tugs’s mixer needed an A-B USB cable to connect to the computer, and he hadn’t brought his. Nobody else had one either. So Sorin, who was in the audience, used his Other Con Chair powers to attempt to get one loaned to us from Con Ops. No luck. Then I remembered that Sofawolf has a receipt printer that uses that cable, only it was in the locked dealers room. Kyo used his I Know Everyone powers to contact Aloha[?] on con staff to see if he could get us into the dealers room, and we were told to come down to Con Ops.

Aloha was finishing up a cigarette, after which he said he would take us up to the dealer’s room. While we were waiting, I talked to one of the con staff who was also a dealer, and he thought he might have that cable in his backpack. He didn’t, it turned out, and so we walked back out to the balcony to talk to Aloha. I stopped beside a box fan that had been set on a cardboard box, and just as Aloha was asking what kind of cable we needed, I happened to look down and spot a black cable with a very familiar square end. I lifted the fan and found, under it, an A-B USB cable.

“One exactly like this one,” I said, holding it up.

After a moment, Aloha remitted the cable to Kyo’s care, we took it upstairs, and the podcast could commence.

It turned somehow into a joke about how much Roland likes to give blow jobs, which apparently had no immediate basis, but was fun because he got pretty flustered about it. We talked generally about the weather, what we’d done at the convention, Honey Boo Boo, and whatever else came to mind, for about an hour.

Sunday went pretty fast. I bought a neat pen from the guy who made hand-crafted pens across from us, talked to a bunch of cool people, including one guy who said he’d mainly come to RainFurrest to see me (!). I had a really good talk with Daniel and Mary Lowd about the state of furry writing and the crossover into the mainstream.

And then we had to pack up, and fortunately the con wasn’t quite over yet. One friend was celebrating a birthday, so a bunch of us went up into Seattle to celebrate at Palace Kitchen. It started unpromisingly, as the restaurant insisted on breaking up our party of twelve into two tables of six on opposite sides of the host stand. We made the best of it, bringing appetizers back and forth for each other to taste, switching seats between tables, and being generally gregarious.

(The worst part is that the restaurant had a private dining room that would’ve seated twelve, but it was reserved for a private party—who never showed up. They wanted to move us into that room, but by the time they’d confirmed the cancellation, one table already had main courses on the way and the other hadn’t ordered yet, so they didn’t want half of us eating while half of us watched…)

For dessert, we’d ordered a birthday cake, and because it was just dessert, the restaurant let everyone gather around one table and even pull another one up so everyone could hang out. We had cake and coffee and lingered there for an hour or so, and it ended up being a really nice time.

Sunday night and Monday morning, we had to say good-bye to a bunch of people, but we got to go back up to Seattle (the light rail is really awesome), have lunch with a friend, and shop for some jeans for Kit and me (his jeans were ripped before the trip; mine ripped at the knee during the con). We love walking around Seattle and the weather was just amazing Monday—and the whole weekend, really. We visited a couple of our favorite haunts, had a Starbucks, and then headed down to the airport to fly back home.

Another RainFurrest in the books, another weekend reminding us why it’s one of our favorite conventions. We got to chat with many awesome people who made the con terrific in different ways, including Gene, Hunter, Sterling, Blaze, and Aloha on staff, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, and more good friends than I can count or reliably list (including certain locals we never get to see anywhere else!). We got lovely art from Skulldog, an amusing adult piece from Miss Oro, and an amazingly funny pic from Kipper. Seattle remains lovely and amazing, as do its residents, and we are already looking forward to next year.

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