On Episode VII

On Disney announcing that “Star Wars VII” will be out in 2015, without any specifics: well, yeah. This is sort of like me telling you “I will have a Cupcake novella out next year” without knowing what it will be about, much less having written it. These guys know moviemaking and have been doing it for a while, and they know that probably in six months (I’d be surprised if it took that long) they can have a decent script, that in that same six months they can get a crew to work on it (who wouldn’t sign up?), and that once they have a script, it will be no trouble to get actors and a director lined up…you know, they have done this before. They know how it works.

And also, they know that if they’re behind schedule in 2015, they can say, “Okay, sorry, it’ll be spring 2016,” and who will care? Right now it’s about energizing the fanbase, which, if my Twitter feed is any indication, they have done pretty darn well. As Scalzi points out, Disney knows how to entertain, and they know the business of moviemaking as well as anyone else currently making movies.

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