OOP3 and MiDFur and Sundries

Blotch is busy making the third OOP book come alive with pictures, as detailed in his journal here! Sometime next week, keep an eye on @screwbald or @kyellgold (or why not both?) for official announcement of a Livestream where Blotch will be painting and I will be chatting about the image, the book, life, whatever.

Also! Next weekend I will find myself in stately Sofawolf Manor, so up through Saturday, if you order one of my books and include a note on the purchase specifying the personalization (e.g. “make the book out to DarkWolf WolfDark please!”), I will happily SIGN YOUR BOOK while I am out there. So if you’re looking to pick up a Christmas present for that special someone, or just been holding off on getting Green Fairy or In The Doghouse of Justice–well, here’s your chance. (And if you already own them, why not get yourself a signed copy and give your old copy to a friend? :)

As Blotch has noted, I will be down at MiDFur and am looking forward to meeting a bunch of awesome Aussies! If you’re going and want to get signed books there rather than paying the exorbitant shipping, order through Sofawolf’s special MiDFur pre-order page and you can pick up your book at the con.

It’s going to be an exciting fall!

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