Getting books at MiDFur for cheap!

Hey you guys! Listen up and please spread the word. If you want to get some of my books, or any Sofawolf titles, for MiDFur in just over a month, please check out the sale on the Sofawolf site. They are going to have to add a bit to the price of each book to defray shipping cost, and at MiDFur, this extra charge will come to about $3. However, if you pre-order and pay early, you can pick up your book at the con for only $1.50 over the cover price.

I mean, people in Canada don’t even get shipping that cheap. So anyway, go check out the sale and stock up on those books. You know, a lot of them are mine, and you can have them signed this MiDFur, but there are a lot of other good titles there too. You can only pre-order through November 4th, because after that, Sofawolf has to pack up the books and ship them.

(Sadly, I will not have the books in Sydney when I visit–they are being shipped directly to the con in Melbourne. But if you know someone going to the con who can order them for you, now would be the time to ask for a favor… ;)

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