The Tubes Are Broken

We got home Monday night to find no cable and no Internet. Well, Comcast usually doesn’t let outages go that long, we thought, and went to bed.

Tuesday morning: still out. So I called them and got transferred around and ended up on this one guy who said, “Oh yeah, an outage was just reported in your area. We’ll call you when it’s resolved.” I thought it a little strange that the twelve-hour outage had just been reported, but whatever.

Tuesday evening, no word. I called back and got another service technician who said, “Oh, we’re going to need to send someone out.” And of course the earliest appointment they could make was Thursday–the day I’m leaving at stupid o’clock in the morning to fly to OklaCon. Kit can’t work from home if there’s no Internet, so basically if we can’t cajole someone into coming out here today, it won’t be fixed until at least Tuesday.

Speaking of which! I am going to be traveling to OklaCon tomorrow. Hoping to see lots of you wonderful people there, but of course, I am assuming there will be no Wi-Fi and I have no idea about cell phone coverage, so it is possible that you won’t hear much from me over the weekend. Rest assured I will let you know exactly how much awesome is going on, even if it’s after the fact.

Speaking of which, I still need to get my RF report up. Maybe I will do that before I leave this Starbucks. Wonderful, wonderful Internets.

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