RainFurrest Approacheth!

It is that time of year again, when furries migrate northward to Seattle and explore the wilds of RainFurrest. I will be doing many panels there, and when not on panels, I will be most likely in the dealer’s room at the Sofawolf table selling and signing books.

Here are my panels as they currently stand–as always, keep an eye on the RainFurrest programming site and my Twitter feed for last-minute changes:

4:00pm – A Reading by Kyell Gold. I may read from the imminent “Winter Games.” Or I might read something else…something either upcoming, unpublished, or both. I will have a bunch of stuff with me, and maybe I will let people vote on what I read!
9:00pm – Mega Book Launch! Winter Games will be officially launched! You can buy it from FurPlanet at their table, but probably not during this event–this will be just for me to introduce the book.
2:00pm – Being Published (with Rahne and Electrikeet)
3:00pm – Writing 101 (with Rikoshi and Calidon Dalimar)–It looks like this is “Writing 101 #2” on the program.
9:00pm – Writing (More) Furry Erotica (with John ‘Kitsderwulf’ Kurpierz and K.M. Hirosaki)
*This Panel will be in the San Juan Meeting Room in the Convention Center
10:00pm – Unsheathed Live! Podcast (with K.M. Hirosaki and Kit Silver). Come celebrate the anniversary of our very first live show with another bucketful of fun!
*This Panel will be in the San Juan Meeting Room in the Convention Center
1:00pm – Collaboration in Writing (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough and Mangi)
Hope to see you guys at one or more of those–especially the book launch and the podcast, which will be tremendous fun!
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