What My Upcoming Book Is About

Well, the book is called “Winter Games.” It’s coming out at RainFurrest, specifically at a launch party at 9 pm on Thursday, September 27th which you should all make sure to attend because there will be cake and drinks and me, and I will be fairly giddy because it will be the first day I have seen this book finished too. I can’t wait to see Sabretoothed Ermine‘s art on the printed page.

But what about the story, you ask! Well, the story is in the Forester universe, more or less. The main character is a snow leopard named Sierra who is trying to start a new chapter in his life, having spent the last fifteen years looking for someone (a particular someone, not just any old someone). He’s gotten very good at conning people into doing things for him by making up stories about himself, and conning computers into doing things for him by making up stories in their language. What he hasn’t managed to do is shake the memory he’s been chasing for fifteen years.

Interspersed with the current-time story, we see Sierra fifteen years before, arriving at a new high school in Forester!Europe for his senior year and meeting a female snow leopard who latches onto him immediately, as well as a sly male coyote who doesn’t. As 2012!Sierra finds himself unexpectedly close to the answers he’s been looking for, 1997!Sierra comes closer and closer to the incident that drove them apart. There is some skiing, some sex, and some grunge rock music, and quite a bit of con games.

“Winter Games” is a Cupcake from FurPlanet–if you can’t make it to RainFurrest, you can order it very soon after from the FurPlanet site (or perhaps pre-order it before!). It’s 49,900 words, kind of long for a novella, but it’s worth it. And if you’re coming to RainFurrest, you can get one of the very first copies ever! Hope to see you all there. :)

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