Guest Blog and RMFC Recap

Well, the guest post will go up next week. You can read my side of the exchange now at, though!

And in addition, here is an RMFC recap for you!

We’ve gone to every RMFC so far, from the downtown to the east side, and the last few years, it feels like the con’s really hit its stride. The staff feel very relaxed and there haven’t been any major problems that we’ve heard of. The con keeps growing, too: 823 this year, a huge jump from last year’s 643 (they have had 20-30% growth every year, which is easier to maintain at the 200-300 level than the 600-800 level). But it didn’t feel that much bigger. The Doubletree is a nice space, the dealer’s room is a little cramped but not bad, and the event rooms were all quite spacious.

I ran two panels: From Amateur to Pro, and Novel Writing (with Rikoshi). The first was early Saturday morning, and while it was on the schedule, it wasn’t actually listed in the con book, so all people had to go on was my tweets (and word of mouth). I had about ten people there anyway, and they asked good questions and we had a good time and filled the hour. The Novel Writing panel had more people, and Rikky and I kept a good back-and-forth going with our talk. Lots of people came in with questions, largely around finishing their novel, and we were glad to help out (Rikky was amused when I said that between the two of us, we’ve written a dozen novels).

And of course, K.M. and Kit and I did our Unsheathed podcast, the first live one since FC, and we had a blast. People came with great questions and we had no fewer than three canine (real canine!) visitors, and the karaoke next door only got loud a few times (if you hear us refer to ‘celebrating good times…come on!’, that’s because that was the song that was playing).

At the table, I got to chat with a lot of cool people, meet Maus Merryjest for the first time after years of correspondence, and spend some good chat time with Robert Baird, fellow writing track panelist par excellence. Also, of course, the ever-delightful Blotch, the wonderful FurPlanet selling team of Teiran and Zia, con chair Sorin, Atari, Geo, Zin, Bel, Idess, Laura, Tim, Dark Natasha, Andy (who makes amazing BBQ), Danny, Rukis, Myenia, and many other people whose names I am regrettably forgetting right now. The Sofawolf table, which Kit and I had the pleasure of running, was in a great corner of the dealer’s room, near FurPlanet and a bunch of cool artists, so it was actually fun to stand behind the table there.

I don’t have much more to say, actually. Even though I was working, it was a nice, chill con, and fairly relaxing most of the time. The weather was warm, but a nice rainstorm Saturday night took the heat-edge off, and Denver’s always a fun city to visit. I recommend RMFC if you have the chance to make it out here in August! Next year, the very talented Idess will be one of the GOHs, so come and show her support!

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