State of the Fox

Periodic non-regular update: I am home for a short stretch in between Comic-Con and Rocky Mountain Fur Con (western area furries: I will see you there, yes? I am doing some panels and we will be doing a live podcast and stuff and I’ll be selling and signing in the dealer’s room!). Kit and I will be hitting the road sometime next week to travel these dusty western mountains to bring you fine furry fiction and entertaining discussions! I have been to RMFC enough that there is a group of regulars there that I look forward to seeing again. And of course, even though we have JUST come back from Denver, it’s never too soon to go back.

So, things I am working on:

* OOP3 has been returned to me and is currently sitting in the back of my head while I think on some of the feedback. Probably it’ll move to the front next week and for the remainder of August. Still hopefully on track for a January release, but I’m not going to be definite until it’s off to the printers.

* Winter Games, my Cupcake for September, is in what will hopefully be the final major editing pass. I have a few things to do with it but most people have agreed it’s in decent shape. Hope that by the end of the week I’ll have a near-final draft. Also the artwork for it looks A-MA-ZING thanks to the talented Sabretoothed Ermine–take a look at the cover preview if you haven’t already.

* I am also writing the sequel to Green Fairy. It’s mostly a sequel in that it involves some of the same characters, but the protagonist is different and the style is a little different. It’s not three narratives woven together–I would feel a little derivative if I tried that trick again in the very next book. But it does have two protagonists and multiple voices evident in it. It’s also probably darker than Green Fairy, amazingly.

* Speaking of Green Fairy, I’m prepping the e-book right now AS YOU READ THIS and it will go on sale August 1. Hopefully on most platforms, although B&N is often slow and I have no idea if Google Books uploads only on alternate Tuesdays or what. If you are undecided about it, check out the very nice review by Fred Patten from the print version. The e-book version has all illustrations and I have attempted to keep all the typeface trickery involved.

* The Calatians book is getting a last polish and I will be figuring out more things to do with it in the coming weeks.

So there you go–the life of a full-time writer. I’m sure I left out some things, but that’s enough for now, don’t you think?

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