Comic-Con Doings

As I have the last couple years, I went to Comic-Con with the Sofawolf Press gang, and as with the last couple years, it was a great deal of fun.

Comic-Con is this big, huge, bigger-than-the-biggest thing event where you can wander around all weekend and then run into another person who was there and not have seen any of the same things. I went to a reading by an author I like and need to read more of (N.K. Jemisin), and a panel on media coverage, and otherwise mostly hung out at the booth talking to people and helping sell Sofawolf products.

The thing about Comic-Con is that it is so big that it does, as the saying goes, encompass multitudes. The center of the exhibit hall, like the center of the programming, is taken up with media: movies and TV. If you are looking for art and/or comics, you will find those at the ends of the hall, in the smaller rooms, and those little areas are worth checking out. In small press you will find people driven by their vision to create their own books, from people like Keith Knight, who is an institution and still remains in his corner of that group, to people like Reid Psaltis we were encountering for the first time. We also meandered over to the Independent Press Pavilion, where we found amazing work like our perennial favorite Arsenic Lullaby (warning: dark humor). It is, in short, an experience unlike any other.

This year, we also attended the Eisner ceremony to cheer on BlackTeagan, nominated for the Russ Manning Award for Most Promising Newcomer. Alas, the award was won by a Crook, but the Nordguard book and Sofawolf got some good visibility out of it and Blotch got a dinner. So all was not in vain.

As you may have seen, we also talked to Penny Arcade a little bit, continuing a conversation started two years ago that has continued to be enjoyable and, dare I say, educational on both sides. They are nice guys–I’ve talked to Tycho more, but this year Gabe was also engaged while we were over there.

We had a ton of artists at the booth hanging out and helping sell. In addition to Blotch, Lynn Hogan (Prydwen) and Mitti (Peachy Keen) attended their first Comic-Con, and I think both came away loving it and wanting more. We hope to see them (and maybe you!) as regulars at Comic-Con in the future.

(How to go to Comic-Con, because it merits a small section of its own: if you are a professional author, illustrator, comics person, publisher, etc., then you can get a Professional membership and attend for free. If you are fast and have something like $100, or whatever the rate for a four-day membership is, you should go to their website and wait for tickets to go on sale in August. If you don’t have the money, you can show up and register to volunteer for the con; they always need volunteers, but get there early, because there’s always a line. And then you will have to sort out your housing. If you don’t know someone who lives in the area, your best bet is to find a hotel somewhere out on the trolley line and commute in, because the housing fills up in literally something like half an hour after it goes on sale. But with those two things settled, you can show up at San Diego and just wander around and be amazed and have fun. And if you come by the Sofawolf booth next year, you might see me, Blotch, Lynn, or Mitti–or all of the above!)

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2 Responses to Comic-Con Doings

  1. Rechan says:

    So did Tycho ever actually read the book he got from you? (It was Volle and OP right?)

    • Administrator says:

      I dunno. It’s kind of tacky to say, “So did you read my book?” and he didn’t mention it. I’m going to assume that he got what he wanted from it and I am just pleased he’s still willing to talk to me.