Panels at Cons!

I am all full of posting today, it seems. Okay, so if you have attended a panel of mine and thought it particularly helpful, can you please let me know in comments (1) what the panel’s name was, if you remember, (2) what convention it was held at, and (3) what you found useful about it? I am trying to compile a list so that when con programming/writing track people write me to say, “Okay, what panels do you want to do?” I can search something other than my memory.

Also, con programming/writing track people: I will be happy to do panels at your convention. Just saying. :)

Oh, also, while I’m thinking about it. It looks like I may be doing a few panels at WorldCon in Chicago this year! There are a couple on furries, one on gay F/SF, and maybe a couple more. Those first three are the ones I’ve actually been invited to do. :) We will see if they actually come to pass. I’m excited, though!

And, um. By the way, I’m going to WorldCon. Labor Day weekend, in Chicago. :)

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