Mountains, Fires, and Dogs

I am back in the Bay Area now after a two point five week trip roaming around the Western U.S. seeing all kinds of amazing things. It was a lot of fun, but also tiring, and I have to thank Kit for his patience in handling my insistence on writing for at least part of it. One of the things about being a full-time writer is that you don’t really get many vacations, or at least, I don’t, because I always have the laptop with me, and if I don’t, I always have the stories with me, and they will keep growing even if I’m not paying attention to them. So every now and then I have to stop and write some of them down. There are also deadlines to be met and projects that aren’t going to write themselves, and so yeah. Two and a half weeks will have to include some stops to write, and Kit, who took the whole time off work, was very patient with me.

But anyway. We started our trip by seeing a couple good friends in Sacramento, good friends and fun folks, and then drove on to Reno for the night. The next day was all driving, but northern Nevada wasn’t as hot as we’d feared; the bad heat came when we hit Utah. We got to Colorado that night, and to a little place in the mountains the next afternoon, where Kit’s family was all gathered for the wedding. It’s a big family and they always make me feel welcome. The wedding was beautiful and we got to catch up with a lot of people we rarely see, so that was a fun few days. Also I got to eat a sandwich at 10,000 feet.

Sandwiches at Ten Thousand Feet

For the Fourth, we found a little condo to rent in Vail that allowed pets, and joined a couple friends plus dogs for a very Amercian couple of days. We got little stars and stripes flags and everything. The parade was funny–kind of an attempt to be a Small Town U.S.A. parade as put on by a rich mountain resort. Still, it was all good, and there were kids running around in plastic bubbles on water and good Mexican food and a beer pavilion.
July 4 Parade

July 4 Parade

Following that, we moseyed our way down to Denver for more family and friends visitations. The fires were mostly contained by that time, though we saw several black scars marking their passage. Kit’s mom said she’d often smelled smoke and could see the bright glow on the mountains from their Colorado Springs house–luckily, they were never in any danger from the fires. We visited with her and also got to attend a gallery opening in a bar! One of our very talented artist friends had a show of her art in Bender’s Tavern in Denver, and it will be there through July. If you missed it, you should go check it out–it is quite awesome.

After the weekend, we fled Colorado amid the thunder and lightning and pounding rain of an amazing storm that had me soaked in about a ten-second frantic run from the supermarket entrance to Kit’s car. We drove south and south and farther south, to a remote mountain outpost somewhere in the wilds of New Mexico, where a friend’s family took us in for a very quiet calm before the storm of Comic-Con. We watched wild horses and played with dogs of many sorts and played Cards Against Humanity and generally had a nice relaxing time.

New Mexico Hills

Then it was time for us to cross the desert and make our way west, to the lawless mass of seething humanity that is… San Diego Comic-Con.

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  1. pyrostinger says:

    I assume Comic-Con has it’s own post?

  2. Laura says:

    D’aww thanks Kyell :) Glad to hear you had a blast up here :)