Progression on OOP3

Good-ish day. I have finished reading over the part of the megadraft that will be OOP3 (which has a title! I will announce it sometime!), and it is not in as terrible shape as I’d feared. I remembered having to push myself through many parts of it, and indeed there are bits that will need to be trimmed, of course, but there are also some fun parts, and overall the story arc will serve quite well.

Now, of course, when you get to the end of it, you will have the reassurance that there is a fourth book. The timetable for these is still up in the air; if I get this thing done in the next couple weeks so I can send it to beta readers for feedback, then it will quite likely end up on schedule for FC 2013 (January). But OOP4, I dunno. It is possible that I could roll directly from this book into that one, get them both done, and have OOP4 ready to go for FC 2014, but that will also depend on Sofawolf’s schedule and Blotch’s schedule and a lot of other factors, so we will see. I don’t like to announce dates until they are pretty firm, because I don’t want to play the game of “it’ll be out in a month! no wait, two months! er, six months!” Sorry! But you can take consolation from the fact that when I announce a date, there’s a pretty good chance it won’t change.

Also: wow, when a gay couple lives together, they have a lot more chances to have sex. Just sayin’.

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2 Responses to Progression on OOP3

  1. Karmakat says:

    well the boys will have some fun it seems hehe

    god i can’t wait to read those stories to a point you got no idea hehe
    ll have to be patient i guess hehe

  2. Kory says:

    I really love your stories, specially waterways and out of position/isolation play, I was able to relate a lot with waterways in my past, and well OOP is just a really important book to me, It kinda reassured me in my relationship, to know it’s not jus us fighting hehe even if it’s just in a book, I really can relate in my life now to Lee and Dev, you sir are just amazing, please keep it up, I really love your work so thank you, oh and I can’t wait for In the dog house of justice to come out in kindle