Friday the 13th Means New Werewolf Book!

The Silver Circle now for sale!

This is kind of an exciting day for me. I wrote this novel about a woman who gets embroiled in a fight between hunters and werewolves, and then falls for one of them (one of which??), something like three years ago. It sat around for a while. I revised it a couple times. I sent it around to some agents, but nobody wanted it. Finally, after the success of “Weasel Presents” last year, I thought I would release it as an e-book. So I commissioned a cover from the amazingly talented Kamui and prepared to send the book out into the world on its own.

“The Silver Circle” is a bit of a departure for me (2012 is my Year of Departures, it seems). It takes place in a mostly human world; the protagonist is a woman; the romance is straight; there is no explicit sex (well, there is sex, but it’s romance-novel-explicit, like “he drove into her” and so on). But I still like this story, and have for three years. I like the world-building, the way the werewolves live, the way the heroine is slowly dragged into this bizarre world, the hunters (I really like the hunters), and the resolution. It’s a fairly compact story, about half the size of any of my other novels (a third the size of Isolation Play), and while one could argue that I could’ve drawn out some of the conflicts, I like the progression and the pacing.

Plus, as I am trying to wrap up a 200,000+ word draft, it is a proof to me that I can write something short.

Anyway, it is now for sale at Amazon, here:
and is in process at Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Google. If you like it, I would really appreciate a nice review! Have I mentioned the amazing cover? It is really amazing.

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