Ursa Major Voting!

Hey, the nominations are out for the Ursa Majors–have been for a couple weeks–and I am really honored once again to be among those nominated. These are the fandom’s awards, and knowing how tastes change from one year to the next, it’s always a thrill to see my name on the ballot.

But there’s still voting to be done! You can use the same key you used to nominate (or get a key, if you didn’t nominate) and vote on the Ursa Majors site. The ballot allows you to rank the nominees in order, so you don’t just vote for one winner.

I’m in the Best Novel category for Isolation Play, and in the Best Short Story category for “How To Get Through The Day.” If you enjoyed those stories, I’d appreciate your vote! I also have a nomination in Best Other Literary Work for In the Doghouse of Justice, my collection of superhero short stories, but that’s opposite Blotch’s Nordguard comic, so yeah, I’d appreciate your vote there too, but they don’t publish second place. :)

Also, confirming my taste in artists, the covers from two of my books are nominated for Best Published Illustration: Blotch’s Isolation Play cover, and Sara Palmer’s Weasel Presents cover. I shouldn’t really play favorites between them, so vote for both of them! Both of them were produced by the artists with very little guidance from me, and display the artists’ great sense of creativity and love for the text, so I have a deep affection for both.

Whoever you vote for, though, just make sure to vote. The Ursa Majors are how you, the fans, tell the creators what works you appreciate and what you think really stands above the rest of the pack. They count because you make them count. So make them count. Go vote. You have until May 4.

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