One Fine Day in the Emerald City…

So Emerald City Comic-con is always a pile of fun, and this year is no exception. I’m hanging out with other Sofawolf creators like Kenket and Lynn Hogan at the Sofawolf Press booth (#1002) and trying to introduce comic fans to furry stuff. Most of them are pretty cool about it, but it’s still funny to have someone come up and pick up the Nordguard book and say they’ve never heard of Blotch. I mean, really? How is that possible?

But of course there are some familiar furry faces too, and those are always welcome. They make for a nice break, because even when people are receptive, explaining furry four times an hour gets tiring. And more often an not, it’s not their thing, and that’s cool.

What’s really neat this year is that Sofawolf has got a bunch of really outstanding graphic novel titles that make their booth even more attractive to comic fans. Blotch’s Nordguard is one, of course, and Mitti’s Peachy Keen comic, and as of ECCC they now also have Prydwen (by the aforementioned Lynn Hogan), a nifty fantasy adventure book somewhat reminiscent of the movie “The Dark Crystal,” only with more blood and also a gay black cat Mage. It’s been a lot of fun watching Lynn sell her first book, and seeing her react to people tells her how amazing it looks. I’m sure she will get used to that because she is going to hear it a lot. ;)

Anyway, if you’re in Seattle and want to stop by, we will be there tomorrow from 10 to 5. I’ve still got a couple copies of my new book “Green Fairy,” and we have lots of other stuff too. Hope to see you there,

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