FWA Recap!

Just kidding! I have scrawled down the rough order of things that happened and will be trying to write more about it. I am still in Atlanta and have not left although the con is technically over. But I did want to say that FWA has again exceeded my expectations and put on an amazing show. They chose a great theme and really got into it, they had everything running well, and in the span of one day I got to talk to people about writing, sign a ton of books, stand on stage with Kenket and a bunch of other people and draw things with markers while Jacent and Awesome Phaux shouted at us, chatted with Matthew Ebel, who is a cool guy, judged the most amazing fursuit dance competition, podcasted with Famous Podcaster Fuzzwolf for an hour and a half, and had late night pizza with Hux and ICWolf and Laura Garabedian. I mean, really. That’s like a full con’s worth of stuff.

I’ll tell you more, and tell you about the other days, soon. But start planning now for FWA 2013, because it’s going to be awesome.

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