Isolation Play-like you’ve never seen it

If you are at FWA, you have a chance to get a cool item! Blotch and I have scavenged some of the misprinted Isolation Plays and have decorated one for the FWA Charity Auction. Blotch has added an original sketch and I am writing a non-canonical alternate OOP universe story that will not appear anywhere (at least until all the books are sold), which I will handwrite a couple paragraphs of in this book. If you aren’t at FWA, don’t worry. Future cons will hopefully have other books with different sketches and different paragraphs from the story at charity auctions.

Here’s a partial pic of the interior So you can see how alternate this world is… Now go bid!


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One Response to Isolation Play-like you’ve never seen it

  1. Karmakat says:

    oh damn looks amazing
    would have loved to try to get one
    maybe at Ac if there is some too… hopefully hehe