Update on Smashwords and Paypal

Great news from Mark Coker of Smashwords. In an e-mail to authors and publishers, he writes:

Yesterday afternoon I met with PayPal at their office in San Jose, where they informed me of their decision to modify their policies to allow legal fiction.

Effective last night, we rolled back the Smashwords Terms of Service to its pre-February 24 state.

This is terrific news for all of us writing “fringe” fiction, whether or not we thought we would be targeted by Paypal’s censorship, and terrific news for readers and authors in general. Everyone who signed petitions, spread the word, blogged, tweeted, wrote Paypal–you guys all helped bring this about. Thank you all!

Have a drink. Then go buy a book on Smashwords where a werewolf rapes his sister. Or, you know, don’t. Now, it’s your choice.

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One Response to Update on Smashwords and Paypal

  1. Karmakat says:

    well at least it’s great news for sure

    what is it lately in trying to control everything and everyone way of thinking
    we back in the nazist now? between ACTA, OPA and whatever other names it’s like now in 2012 is the year where “WE WILL CONTROL YOUR MIND PEOPLE”
    damn like we a bunch of lemmings or something?

    this is getting creepy and disgusting at this point…