Just a reminder: I will be at FWA this weekend! I’d better be: I’m the co-GOH (along with the talented Rukis). The schedule of events is up, and you can probably detect a few that I will be attending, such as “Meet the GOHs” (Friday) and “Green Fairy Reading” (Friday, later), and “Adult Fiction” (Friday, still later), and Knotsheathed (Saturday, very late).

Then there are a couple you might not know are me, like “Novel Writing” and “Ten Things You Can Do To Improve Your Writing” (both Saturday). And of course, I will be at the opening and closing ceremonies.

When I’m not at a panel, very likely I will be at my dealer’s table, which is right inside the front entrance of the dealer’s room and will be stacked with my new book, Green Fairy, as well as other books.

So catch me at a panel, or come to the dealer’s room to get a signed book. Now you know where I’ll be and you don’t have an excuse.

(I will post times of all the panels when I get a definite list.)

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3 Responses to FWA!

  1. BeardedWolf says:

    If previously bought books are brought with us will you grace them with a signature? :)

  2. Karmakat says:

    have fun
    you are lucky to go