Rainbow Awards Announced

They’re posted here now. Isolation Play did not do as well as Out of Position in 2009; it placed tenth in Best Gay Fantasy, and Blotch’s cover placed tied for third. I’m not going to dwell on why it might not have done as well. It had a very successful e-book launch this week, and Elisa said in her review that she liked this one a little more that OOP, so I’ll take that as a good sign that I’m continuing to learn and improve. :)

However! You guys should totally go check out the award winners, including The Only Gold, by the author who tied for best novel back in 2009, Tamara Allen. I read her 2009 book and enjoyed it immensely, so I’m sure this one will be an excellent read as well. All the winners sound greatly enjoyable and I’m sure you can’t go wrong. And many many thanks again to Elisa for all the hard work she puts into these awards year after year. Her journal has really become a must-read for gay fiction culture, and these awards reflect that dedication and passion.

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