More On The New OOP-Kindle

It was pointed out to me after I uploaded the new OOP with images that somehow I slipped back one editing pass. Nothing really substantial was lost, just some better word choices, and in one place, the filler names for Lee’s parents were left in. Oops. So I updated the Kindle version to the correct text, still with images, and reuploaded. I’ll get the ePub fixed later this week. Sorry, guys. :(

As for getting the new version, helpful LJ reader Belpolaris writes:

Update – looks like the updated version is available if you ask. I contacted customer service and they were able to update my copy. The illustrations look nice on the screen, too. I was advised that if you want to fix it without contacting them, look up Out of Position in your library at:
And then there should be a notification that a new version is available.

Thanks! I’m glad they told you even if they didn’t tell me. You guys want to try that and see if it works?

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