Personal Wiki, Update

I’ve talked about WikidPad, the personal Wiki program for Windows, and how useful I found it. Well, as we have grown into a cross-platform household, I have been wishing I could get WikidPad for my Mac as well as my Windows machine. There is an installation of it, but it involves installing Python (twice) and following a lot of steps which I did faithfully only to have it fail to compile.

So I found this thing called TiddlyWiki, which works in a browser and seems to be pretty simple to set up. You can save the Wiki file in Dropbox (I love Dropbox) as detailed by a kind soul here, and that seems to make things work pretty well. My big challenge now is getting all the stuff from my previous Wikis into this one, which I fear I might have to do manually.

Anyway, since people often ask me what tools I use, here’s an update. I think I’m switching to TiddlyWiki.

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