Coming Out, Wherever We Are

There’s the usual stuff around coming out that you all should know by now. Studies show that people who know one or more gay people in their lives are more pro-gay rights than people who don’t know any gay people. By making even one of your friends or family aware of your homosexuality, you are improving the cause of gay rights for everyone.

But I also want to talk about what coming out means for you. Yes, you. If there is someone you’re not out to but want to be–a good friend or family member–then coming out will also help you. By hiding part of who we are from our friends and family, we diminish that part of ourselves even in our own minds. A lot of our self-image is reflected off of other people: the way our friends and family see us is a strong component in how we see ourselves. So if your mom, or your best friend, or that co-worker you’ve known for years, thinks of you as a nice person, a good son, a great friend, and doesn’t know that you’re gay, then when you’re with them, you are suppressing that part of you. Coming out may be uncomfortable (or else you’d have done it by now) but in the long run it will be healthier for you. It enables you to be a whole person.

Being gay is part of who you are (unless you’re straight, in which case, why not call up a gay friend to say that you appreciate him or her sharing that part of their life with you?). Coming out not only allows your friends and family to have a more complete picture of you; it allows you to be a more complete person yourself.

Good luck, all you guys out there. Me, I’d come out to someone, but everyone pretty much knows I’m gay at this point. :)

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One Response to Coming Out, Wherever We Are

  1. Kyle says:

    Hiya Kyell,
    Just felt like letting you know that your writings have inspired me to write some stories of my own, albeit stories of a more personal nature, rather than anything fictional – for the time being. Being only nineteen years of age, I do have a while to complete it, although I will be working hard on it in my spare time.

    I had set out to write my own fictional story, but instead felt the urge to write and express certain negative events in my life, with the hope that I can move on and live more honestly and freely about them. I have to say that since starting I have improved in my state of mind greatly, and worked through a lot of that which has held me back in my life. And for that, I thank you, and wish you the best of luck in the future.