My Projects (Fall 2011 edition)!

Here’s what I’ll be working on for the next few months:

* Revision on the first Calatians book. There are a lot of things I want to do with it and I think I have a pretty solid idea of where it’s going. I’m really excited to get this one in shape.

* Final packaging on my FWA book. Excited about this one too. Come November probably, I will be talking a bit more about it. It is (I may have mentioned) a gay teen story, although not quite in the mold of Waterways. It’s got some interesting supernatural overtones to it and I think is a more mature book (a couple people have said it’s one of the best things I’ve written).

* Drafting OOP3. This one is “due” for release in January 2013, so I need to get cracking on it. The good news is that I have some good ideas about this one and the one to come after, and I think that although each one will stand alone (as the first two do), they will be slightly more intertwined than the first two were. I have time to build up themes in the third book that will pay off in the fourth. I am really happy to be back to Dev and Lee’s world and am already enjoying revisiting favorite characters and coming up with some new ones.

* Short story projects. I want to get two more free ones up on the site for you guys, and I have a few others I may be trying to sell around. Some ideas, nothing definite yet.

* Isolation Play bonus story. I have a standing promise to my fans that I will write¬† a free bonus story for any book of mine that sells over 1,000 copies in its first year. For Isolation Play, according to Sofawolf, “you’d better get started on that.” I know what I would like to do, and ideally I would like to include it with the electronic edition when it’s released on December 1. Speaking of…

* OOP and IP for Kindle. With illustrations. I may have to do some nudging of Amazon to allow people to re-download their previous OOP purchases when I upload the new version with illos. I’ll do whatever’s necessary. Going forward I would like all my e-books to contain illustrations.

I think that’s about enough for three months, don’t you?

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