Losing Track

The week has been crazy and I have found myself without any idea of what day it actually is. I talked to friends in person and on the phone yesterday afternoon who were sighing in relief at the end of the work week; that’s the only reason I knew it was Friday. My first reaction was, “Wait, isn’t it the weekend already?”

That’s what you get when you’re traveling around and working anywhere you can fit a moment in. It’s not a bad feeling, actually; at some point I think I would like to come completely unmoored from the calendar. But this is not that point, as I do have obligations and places to be, flights to catch, people and deadlines to meet. Our Crazy 2011 Tour Part 2 is nearly at an end and while it has been a blast, I am also really looking forward to an entire week! At home! Working!

(Working, for me, is a lot more rewarding now.)

Anyway. Soon enough I will write up a recap of the end of RF, with an update as to how the little $1 microfictions I talked about at RMFC went.

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