RainFurrest Mid-Con Report

Most of my panels are over, but they were a lot of fun! The highlight for me was “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Writers,” mostly because I got to sit next to Alan Dean Foster for an hour and we agreed, it turns out, on pretty much everything you need to do to be a successful writer (spoiler: work hard). He’s a very cool guy who has been to a million conventions and is happy to share his wisdom from them and from his writing life. We chatted for a while after the panel, too. Good times.

Today and tomorrow, Kit and I will be at the Sofawolf table all day, so come by and say hi! And tonight, of course, there is the THIRD ANNUAL Live Unsheathed show at 10, and a book launch party for “Science Friction” at 9 –that is a room party; come by the FurPlanet table to find out where it is.

See you at the con!

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