Where To Find Me At RainFurrest!

RainFurrest has one of my favorite writing tracks of any convention. They try really hard to bring writing to the fandom and I am really happy that they’ve enlisted my help. To that end, I help with a bunch of panels when I can, and this year is no exception. My schedule:

* Thursday 7 pm: Are You Really A Writer/Artist?

Most of my panels are on Friday.

* Friday 11 am – noon: How to Edit. This one should be kind of cool. My plan is to write a few paragraphs from scratch based on audience input and then go through and edit them, answering questions/narrating along the way to show how I try to refine text as I write it.

* Friday noon-1 pm: The Creative Writing Process. Me, Rikoshi, Jean Johnson, and Alan Dean Foster talk about how we create things. Come watch me and Rikky totally not embarrass ourselves in front of these other authors. Or, y’know, come listen to GOH Alan Dean Foster.

* Friday 2 pm – 3 pm: The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Writers. Actually, the panel description describes prolific writers, which is something different (Some authors manage to put out books year after year, as if they were a veritable fiction factory. How in the world do they do it?), but you can’t deny that Alan Dean Foster and I both write a lot of books, although he has been doing it for seven times as long. Anyway, maybe he has a list of seven things. I’ll work on mine.

* Friday 4 pm – 5 pm: Reading/Q&A. I will be reading something. Maybe an unpublished short story, or maybe an excerpt from my coming-in-March novel. Maybe I will let YOU decide. After that I will be answering questions about the usual stuff. (Please note: this is not a signing. I will be in the dealer’s room probably immediately before or after this panel to sign the new book. This is a panel for me to talk to a lot of people, and while I am happy to sign books, it’s hard for me to talk to the whole room while I am signing your book. So follow me back to the dealer’s room and I’ll sign it there.)

* Friday 10 pm – 11 pm: Writing Erotic Fiction. Yes, ANOTHER panel on Friday. Last one. Jean Johnson, Rechan, and I talk about naughty stories. If you’ve come to these panels in the past, you know that they’re always entertaining.

* Saturday 10 pm – midnight: Unsheathed Live. RainFurrest was the first convention to let us do our silly podcast live, and they will always have a special place in our hearts for that reason. We are super-psyched to be back! If you only come to one of my events, make it this one. You never know what might happen!

Saturday and Sunday during the day I will be helping man the Sofawolf table in the dealer’s room when that’s open and will be happy to sign books there as well, though there may be a delay if I also have to help them deal with customers. Sofawolf will have my other new book, In the Doghouse of Justice, so if you want some cool superhero stories, come on by and pick that one up!

Otherwise I may be found lounging in the bar area with Kit and others. Feel free to come up and say hi!

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