And we’re back

… I think. As I’ve mentioned, I started using WordPress through the Yahoo-hosted, and I was enjoying it a lot. But on every page there is this reminder to upgrade to WordPress 3.2.1! Do it now! You’re using WordPress not-3.2.1 and you’re living in the Dark Ages!

So I upgraded, or tried to. I didn’t have the most current version of PHP. So I upgraded THAT, and then went ahead and did the WordPress upgrade. And everything worked. “Just one more thing,” WordPress said. “We have to update your database.”

There’s where it developed problems. The newer WP requires MySQL 5.0 and Yahoo does not have that. But I couldn’t un-upgrade it now. Yahoo’s answer was “wipe out the WordPress installation and start from scratch,” and that is eventually what I had to do, only because I was about to leave for Camp Feral, I put it off.

But now it looks like I am back. Which is good! I have crow stories, a Camp Feral recap, announcements about RainFurrest, and so much more to tell you all…

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