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Ten Commandments

Ten authors

Ten sizzling stories

Join this crew of authors on their exploration of the Ten Commandments in everyday life. Well--everyday adult furry life. Discover what happens to naughty furries who make unto themselves an idol, who covet their neighbor's property, who lie, steal, and kill. And, worst of all, who do not remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.

Kyell Gold edited this collection and contributed a story, with K.M. Hirosaki, Whyte Yote, Renee Carter Hall, Not Tube, Alex Vance, B.C. Currier, pyrostinger, Jonas, and Fuzzwolf contributing the others.

  The cover is painted by Heather Bruton, who also contributed two interior illustrations. The rest of the beautiful illustrations have been drawn by Nylak, ShinigamiGirl, Blotch, Zaush, Jonas, oCeLoT, Savannah Horrocks, and Dnapalmhead. Keep an eye on their pages for the art to be posted in the coming weeks!

X will be on sale July 3 at AnthroCon in Pittsburgh, and July 17 online at Sofawolf Press.