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I posted a journal a while back on where to buy my books which mostly focuses on print, and the question comes up frequently enough that I guess I can devote a permanent page to a simple guide.

First off, anywhere you pay money for my books, I really appreciate it, and I will get part of that money. The difference is usually not so much that it outweighs your convenience or extra shipping costs; if you feel bad about me getting a couple bucks less, you can do me the great favor of recommending my books to friends and maybe getting me a couple more sales. :)

That said, here are the general guides for where I recommend people buy my books:


Best: Directly from the publisher. As of this writing, my novella series (Cupcakes) and a couple anthologies are published by FurPlanet; the Out of Position, Dangerous Spirits, and Argaea series, as well as the standalone Waterways and the anthology X, are published by Sofawolf. Both publishers have storefront websites where you can buy, and buying direct from them gives me and the publishers maximum revenue.

Next Best: From furry distributors. I believe in keeping money within the fandom and there are several distributors run by furries. I don’t know them all, but Rabbit Valley (US), Bookshelf Bear (Canada), and Blackpaw and Fusselschwarm (Europe) carry my print books.

Just Fine: Amazon.

Not Optimal: Any used book site that is asking upwards of fifty bucks for one of my books. None of them are out of print, so there’s no reason you should pay more than cover price for them at this point. Maybe when the OOP hardcovers go out of print…


Best: Bad Dog Books is an e-book site run by the FurPlanet staff. I have a great working relationship with them and really appreciate what they’re doing for furry writing and the fandom in general. They negotiated a one-month exclusive release for most of my e-books, which means you’ll usually find it on their site before it shows up anywhere else. Again, I really like keeping money in the fandom, and buying from Bad Dog means that only a small portion of your money (for hosting and transaction fees) goes outside the fandom.

Very Close To Best: Other furry-run e-book sites. Both Jaffa Books and Rabbit Valley sell my e-books.

Also Very Good: Amazon, NOOK, iBookstore, Kobo, Google Play, and Smashwords all carry my e-books and give me approximately the same royalty rate.

If you find my books for sale somewhere not listed above, you can feel free to let me know. I’ll check it out.

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