New Story: Flight

I was wanting to write a fluffy porny story and so I started writing one. Then I was trying to figure out what world it belonged in, and it seemed to work in Argaea, so I set it there. Then I wondered how this character got to where he was in the world, and so long story short, hi, here’s a cross fox named Tryk and he lives in the jungle/savanna south of Ferrenis and Tephos with tribes of jaguars and capybaras and fruit bats and such. How did he get there? What will happen to him? That’s all probably coming in the future. For now, here he is meeting a cute fruit bat and maybe sexy hijinks ensue (okay, the story’s NSFW, hijinks definitely ensue). AmonOmega did a lovely illustration of him getting ready to test his artificial wings (nude because it’s warm there and also if you’re going to fly you need to reduce your weight).



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