Ty Game e-book is out to more retailers

If you’ve been waiting to buy the Ty Game e-book at places other than this one, you should be able to find it this weekend or early next week at the latest. I’ve sent it to the major furry and non-furry retailers and it should be good to go.

PLEASE NOTE that due to past problems with explicit images, the Kindle and iTunes versions do not have one of the interior illustrations (dis one, NSFW of course) that the other versions have. Google, Kobo, and your furry retailers will have all ten interior illustrations, and if you need a Kindle version, all the furry retailers sell a fully illustrated Kindle version that will drop right into your Kindle or Kindle software or whatever.

(The calculus of which images to take out and which to leave in is a complicated one and the retailers are not consistent on it, but I’m making an effort here to be consistent with previous guidelines as best I can. Basically there’s an image I left in and one I took out and the line between them is kinda blurry but I felt it was important, and in the past it’s been important that I demonstrate a good faith effort to align with the retailer policies so that’s what I’m trying to do.)

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