Ty Game: Pre-order Info!


From now until November 27 (that’s in just over a week), you can pre-order my new book Ty Game and get it signed by me! I’ll be flying out to Minnesota next week JUST to sign all these books you order because I love you all and want you to be happy.

If you’re going to MFF, you can pick up your pre-order there, OR you can just buy one there. I’ve got a lot of panels to do, but you should be able to find me at the dealer’s table when I’m not at the panels (schedule forthcoming or you can just look me up on MFF’s Sched.org). Both artists who worked with me on this book, :iconrukis: and :iconneverwolf:, will be at MFF as well, and originals of some of the interiors will be in the art show there.

The blog post linked above has all the details for this pre-order. E-books and audiobooks and all that other stuff that is not part of this pre-order will follow the usual procedures for my books, and of course will also be announced on this space when they happen. We are not doing a hardcover edition of this book, so paperback only.

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