Ty Game off to Sofawolf

I haven’t been blogging much lately. Partly that’s because I was traveling over the summer, and when I got home I was working on the books that need to be ready for MFF, plus the other stuff I’m going to have to do as GOH of that convention (I co-authored a nifty conbook story!).

The reason I’m blogging now is that one of those tasks is more or less off my plate. I delivered the manuscript of Ty Game, the spinoff novel from the Out of Position series, to Sofawolf today, and the art seems to be on track, so hopefully we will be ready to release it at MFF! Keep an eye on my social media and Sofawolf’s, because we’ll almost certainly offer a pre-order once we have a delivery date. So even if you won’t be going to the con, you’ll get a signed copy. E-books will be on baddogbooks.com right around MFF and on other retailers in January (I’m going to predict in advance that furry retailers will be your best bet for this book, because Neverwolf’s done some fantastic illos, including a couple that are possibly a little too risqué for mainstream retailers, but we’ll see who complains…). No audiobook plans yet. The print version will be paperback only, I believe–no hardcover.

If you haven’t heard about Ty Game, well, you should be reading my newsletter (http://bit.ly/kyellmail). Briefly, it’s the story of Ty Nakamura, who might be familiar to you from the OOP series, and especially one or two scenes from Over Time. You’ll get to see those scenes from his point of view as well as what led up to them and what happened after, plus a whole lot more. Interior illos are by Neverwolf, who is showing them off on his Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/theneverwolf/posts) in advance of the book being published.

Now I’m going to finish up the draft of the new Dev and Lee book (which you can follow on my Patreon if you subscribe at the $20 level) and then start on the third Calatians book (stay tuned for how you might be able to follow that online as well…!).

It’s been a busy fall. Hope yours has been good!

(Apart from the nightmare hellscape the U.S. has become, I mean.)

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