My Apologies In Advance

I have 11 audiobooks out through ACX, which has been generally great to work with. Matching narrators with authors, getting the audiobooks distributed, the technical part has been just fine.

The part where I get paid has been…okay. The fact that they handle splitting royalties between me and the narrators when we choose that is fantastic. They initially paid a royalty of 50% and then dropped that to 40% a couple years ago. Now they’re changing the “bounty” program (which name has always made me a bit uncomfortable). It used to be until August 1, 2018, that I would get a $50 credit (split between me and the narrator if we’re splitting royalties) if my book was one of the first three bought by a new Audible member (ACX and Audible are both owned by Amazon). I could encourage people to sign up, they’d buy my books, it would help me out. I got a few of these every month, which made a nice difference in the payments.

As of August 1, ACX is changing the program. I can still get a reward, upped to $75–the catch is that just buying my book first is no longer enough. The new Audible customer has to specifically make their purchase using one of my referral links. I don’t think it actually has to be one of my books, oddly enough; at least, it doesn’t specify that in the text anywhere (from this page):

(Also, ACX has helpfully allowed me to get a referral link for each one of my books for each one of their marketplaces–US, UK, France, Germany–which is like 44 different links and what am I supposed to do with that? Post them all on a page somewhere that nobody will ever look at? Put them all in my email signature, as they suggest? That’d be one huge signature and I’m pretty sure I’d get flagged as spam.)

So the point of this is that I’m going to have to periodically push referral links at you or else I get less money, and while I have made peace with the fact that I have to tell people about my books and encourage purchasing, I hate doing the “buy them through this link please” because people buy in all sorts of ways and it’s just adding another layer of inconvenience to someone supporting me. So I’m sorry.

Here’s the referral link for the newest audiobook, “The Tower and the Fox,” for the US marketplace:¬†

(If you’re in the UK or France or Germany and you want the link for those markets, hit me up on email or Twitter or FA or whatever.) If you know someone who’s thinking of starting an Audible membership, or who’s interested in this audiobook, and you could pass along the link, it’d help me out. If you don’t know anyone and you’re already a member, thank you! If you’d like to write a review of the audiobook on Audible or iTunes, that helps me out a TON actually.

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