Tales of the Firebirds Update (AC and Amazon)

The new story collection Tales of the Firebirds is live on Amazon (paper only; e-book coming in July; no audiobook plans) and a shipment has been dispatched to Anthrocon, so you should be able to find it there at the FurPlanet table, where I will also be! And after AC the plan is to sell it through FurPlanet.com as well.

Also! The Demon and the Fox will be at AC. If you have been itching to find out what happens to Kip and his friends, you’ll be very happy. If you haven’t yet started their adventures, you’ll also be able to get the first volume, The Tower and the Fox, at the same time, and I’ll sign them both!

I believe FurPlanet will continue to carry TotF at future conventions, so if they’re going to be at a convention, chances are good that the book will be there. If they’re not, then check what booksellers will be and contact them to ask if they can order a few (they should contact me; please don’t email me to tell me to send them copies). The e-book will be on all the regular e-book sites but the paperback will likely only be on Amazon and FurPlanet.com for the foreseeable future (I will update as I have news).

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