Further Confusion Schedule

Hey guys! I’m gonna be at FC again in *checks watch* eight hours or so, and here’s where you can come listen to me yap about stuff if you feel so inclined. When not yapping in a panel I will be yapping behind the Sofawolf table, next to the FurPlanet table, so you should come by and say hi! NOTED AUTHOR and fellow RAWR instructor Ryan Campbell will also be behind the table sometimes, and either of us will be happy to sign books for you. I don’t have anything new since MFF, but Camouflage and the Waterways 10th Anniversary edition hardcover will both be here at FC for the first time, as will The Tower and the Fox!

Friday, January 12

3:00pm: Patreon and Furry

Saturday, January 13

1:00pm: Furry Writing in 2028

4:30pm: Let’s Talk About RAWR!: The Furry Residential Writing Workshop

10:00pm: Adult Furry Writing [18+]

Sunday, January 14

11:00am: Developing a Writing Practice

10:00pm: Unsheathed Live! [18+]


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