My panels at MFF are all in the Lambert Room in the Hyatt, where the writing track is. Here’s where to find me:


1:30-3 pm: Character and Dialogue

3-6 pm (approx): Signing new releases “Camouflage” and hardcover tenth anniversary edition of “Waterways” in Dealer Den at the FurPlanet/Sofawolf tables (see directory for location)

6:30-7:30 pm: Scene and Story Structure

7:30-8:30 pm: RAWR: A Furry Writing Workshop



11 am: New Release Reading (I will read from “Camouflage”)

12-2:30 (approx): Signing in Dealer Den

3-4 pm: What It Takes to Write: Process, Discipline, and Lifestyle

4:30-6 (approx): Signing in Dealer Den

9-10:30 pm: Adult Writing



TBD but at some point in the morning I’ll be signing in the dealer den.

3-4 pm: Westerns and Historical Fiction

You will notice that on Friday, the dealer’s den opens at 1 pm and I have a panel at 1:30. This means that I will likely not be in the dealer’s den for very long after opening, if at all, especially as the den and panels are in two separate buildings. So how about you guys come to the 1:30 panel and then follow me back to the dealer den and I’ll sign a bunch of books?

General signing policy: I vastly prefer to sign books in the dealer den rather than at panels. However, if I am early to a panel and not otherwise busy (like scarfing down lunch in the five minutes before the panel), and your request doesn’t delay the start of the panel, I’ll sign stuff then. In most cases I have to leave the panel quickly to let the next one set up and also because I’m running off somewhere else, so after a panel isn’t a great time to ask me for a quickie signature.

In other circumstances, if you see me around, use your judgment. I’m happy to take a moment and sign a book, but if I’m having a one-on-one chat with someone, or if I’m eating, then I greatly appreciate you respecting my time and holding off until a dealer den signing, or at least a less busy time. If you’re not sure, then ask! I am always glad to at least say hi to a fan, and if you ask, “When would be the next good time to get you to sign a book?” I may offer to sign it right there. Or I might say, “I need to go meet some people but I’ll be in the dealer den tomorrow.”

(And along those lines, feel free to come up and say hi if you see me around the con!)

In the end, I want everyone who wants a signed book to get one. So hopefully I’ll see you guys in the dealer’s den and around the con, and if you want a signature, let’s make sure you get it. :)

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