Waterways Hardcover Pre-Order Pre-Announcement

Hey guys! If you want one of the snazzy new Waterways Tenth Anniversary hardcover books with the BRAND NEW STORY in it, and the BRAND NEW ILLUSTRATIONS, you’ll have a chance to pre-order one from Sofawolf starting next week sometime. There’ll be details on the Sofawolf blog this weekend and I’ll copy them or point to them here.

We will be signing and numbering the first 160 orders, and when I say “we” I mean *I* will be signing them and hand-numbering them. There will be no extension of the numbering–when 160/160 is sold, that’s it.

If you want to order other books of mine or publications I’m in (like Heat), you can do this at the same time and I’ll sign those as well. And of course you can also order other Sofawolf books, like Ryan Campbell’s excellent Fire Bearers series, but I will not sign those.

The pre-orders can be picked up at MFF, probably (pending Sofawolf confirming that), or they will be sent out the week after the con, because I’m not flying up to Minnesota to sign them until after MFF. They should arrive in time for Christmas if you want to get one as a gift for someone (again, pending Sofawolf confirming).

Keep an eye out and save up $40 for next week!

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