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Hey! I’m going to be at Texas Furry Fiesta this weekend, and below is a short list of my panels. When I’m not in a panel, chances are I’ll be around FurPlanet or Rukis’s table in the dealer’s room, where I will be happy to sign things for y’all!

Friday 8:30 pm Write Now!

–Jakebe and I will talk about the structure of short stories and then you will have time to start a short story of your own! Bring something to write with!
Friday 9:30 pm Adult Writing 101

–The old standby. Me and Sasuke and Rechan will talk about what goes into a good furry erotica story.

Sat 12n RAWR Year Two

–Alkani Serval and I will talk about the first furry residential writing workshop, our experiences in year one, the status for year two, and our hopes for the future.
Sat 3:30 pm Publisher Q&A

–I suspect Rechan and I will mostly listen to Fuzzwolf, one of the actual publishers from FurPlanet, talk about publisher stuff. If people want to talk about publishing e-books, I can talk about that, I guess.
Sat 4:30 pm Storytelling in Different Mediums

–I’m excited about this one, sitting with Rukis and Vahn Fox to talk about stories in prose, graphic novels, and video games.

Sun 1 pm Knotsheathed

–This is the panel I’m most looking forward to, because I get to sit down with Fuzzwolf and talk about anything we want for like an hour. Also there will be some dazzling tech stuff from Carrizo KitFox!
Sun 2:30 pm Scene Building

–Rechan and I will talk about how to construct a scene, if I still have a voice left after an hour podcast.
Sun 3:30 pm Novel Writing

–Interested in writing a novel? Having trouble with your manuscript? I’ll talk about novels and structure and will be happy to take your questions. This one is just me, so please come and keep me company!

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