Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’ve got someone(s) to spend your day with, may you have a lovely happy day, and remember Dan Savage’s advice: sex before dinner.

If you don’t have someone to spend the day with, don’t despair! Spend it with yourself or your other single friends and have a great time. And remember, I didn’t meet my husband until we were both in our thirties. I have friends and relatives who didn’t find their partners until their fifties. It might seem a long time to wait, but if you’re open to a relationship and you’re happy with yourself, I feel confident that you’ll find someone to share your life with. And the good news is that our society is increasingly accepting of whatever your relationship looks like. Be yourself, and accept others for themselves.

(This is not the post to talk about the movements to roll that back; that’ll come tomorrow.)

Me, I’m cooking dinner at the house and we’ll do our dinner out tomorrow, because by the time we thought about making plans everything for tonight was booked. So we kind of get two Valentine’s Days! <3

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