Further Confusion Schedule

Hey, Further Confusion is almost upon us! I’m excited to have the first book in my new Love Match series coming out from FurPlanet, and hope you guys will check it out. I’ll be around that table Friday for at least the first couple hours the dealer’s room is open, and probably for more than that as well. If I’m by the Sofawolf table, you can buy Love Match (and any Cupcakes you might be missing) and bring it over; likewise if you’re missing any of my Sofawolf titles (or Hot Dish 2, which I have a story in!), you can buy them and bring them over to me. I’ll sign any of the books anywhere!

Saturday and Sunday I’ve got some panels. When I’m not at the panels I’ll likely be back around the Sofawolf or FurPlanet tables and I’m happy to sign books. Come say hi!

Here are the panels I’m doing. I’m pretty excited about all of them and hope to see you guys at some of them. (To answer a frequent question: recording is at the discretion of the convention, and with the exception of Unsheathed, I haven’t made any arrangements to record any of them.)

Sat 4:30p – 6p: What’s Your Problem? –with Fuzzwolf of FurPlanet, Jakebe, Ryan Campbell. A full time editor, some part time editors, and authors with experience explain the many and varied reasons why your story might have been rejected.

Sat 10p – 11:30p: Adult Furry Writing –with Rukis and Not Tube. The marvelous and unpredictably hilarious staple of furry writing tracks. We talk about writing pr0n/erotica/romance.

Sun 11a – 12:30p: Brainstorming in Real Time –with Jakebe, Ryan Campbell, and Watts Martin. Having trouble coming up with ideas? We’ll walk you through a brainstorming session with input from the audience.

Sun 3p – 4:30p: Write Now! –with Jakebe. We’ll go over short story structure and a handy formula for getting your story’s bones in place, and then you’ll have time to actually START WRITING IT.

Sun 10p – 11:30p: Unsheathed Live –with K.M. Hirosaki and Not Tube. Our pretty-much-only-at-cons podcast returns so we can talk about furry fiction, conventions, pop culture, drunkenness, and anything else that comes to mind. This year we have a special surprise for you guys, so don’t miss it!

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