RAWR Write-A-Thon

Hey all of you! RAWR, the first residential furry writing workshop, is trying to raise money for its 2017 session to do cool things like offer financial aid to students, pay for a better venue, and compensate instructors, and so they’re holding a write-a-thon. Basically a few people are going to set writing goals for September, and they’ll ask for your contributions as they head toward their goals, kind of like a walk-a-thin. It’s a really good cause and there’s an FAQ to answer all your questions about it (and contact Sparf if your question isn’t listed).

I will try to join in–check that page–but I’m going to set a couple goals for you guys to help us hit. If we get to $2,000 total, I will write a new Dev and Lee short story. And if we get to a way far stretch goal of $4,000, I will write a new Kory and Samaki story.

If you can’t donate, that’s fine, but spread the word. And if you’ve been thinking about trying to get to a workshop to improve your writing, consider applying to RAWR. It’s free to apply!

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