Eleven Days, Six Airports, Two Conventions

Just thought I’d share my travel plans because the itinerary amused me. Three flights, three layovers all in different airports.

I fly out Thursday from SFO to Denver via Phoenix (ugh, in the middle of the day, too; I will be staying inside the whole time, thank Fox). Following RMFC and a few days to chill in Denver, I’ll be flying to Kansas City via DFW (ah wish I could quit you, actually no I don’t, DFW is one of my favorite airports which is good because I’m there a LOT). I’m attending MidAmericon II (WorldCon) there in KC, and then flying back to SFO via LAX (probably not enough time to grab lunch at The Encounter, sadly).

(Also, if you’re trying to get in touch with me from the 11th to the 21st, my responses may be slightly delayed due to travel, conventions, etc.)

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One Response to Eleven Days, Six Airports, Two Conventions

  1. ATF & KTW says:

    Hey Kyell, I see youre going to many conventions, I just reread Overtime and it was pretty great, too bad I’m not going to a con yet =P. I just wanted to ask you a question and perhaps maybe propose an idea if it suits best. Are Dev and Lee going to get married? After hearing your story about how you and Kit got married I do would like to see the two get married (and see how Gregory feels XD). Anyways I didn’t see that part of them getting married yet but I think thats a story everyone would love. Maybe throw it in as a bonus story in your surprise story or call it quarterback hehe.